We went to the Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers and it was amazing…


Your food gets delivered to you on it’s own MINI-ROLLERCOASTER!


When you first hear the term ‘Roller Coaster Restaurant’, you might be bombarded with visions of someone frantically trying to eat a burger whilst on a loop-de-loop, yes?

And even though this is a fairly entertaining thought, you’ll be relieved to know that it is, in fact, the FOOD that gets a roller coaster ride, not the both of you.


AT RollerRest Photo HR 04.jpg

This instantly filled me with child-like glee as I rushed off to make my order (on a special table-side tablet nonetheless), and watch it have the time of its life on a mini roller coaster.

The atmosphere was brilliant, there were videos of rollercoaster rides projected onto the walls, chips and drinks spinning in all sorts of corkscrew loops overhead and expectant eyes and index fingers flying everywhere.



So, we began with drinks and ordered two cans of fizzy pop. They came down in their own private carriage, tops fastened on with what looked like tiny oven gloves and elastic. Off they went from the kitchen, all the way down to the helter-skelter slide and finally landed onto our table, and voila- our drinks were in front of us.



Of course we immediately dove into ordering our dinners and this time, our mains travelled through their own corkscrew! The food itself was beautiful, you couldn’t taste at all that it had been turned upside down at super quick speed- in fact, having seen its exciting journey probably made it taste even better!

It would be impossible to get bored in this restaurant, the place is full to the brim with pure joy and excitement. No matter what age you are, this would be a fantastic end to a day at Alton Towers!


Book a table here.


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