5 Locally Brewed Beers You Have To Try


Beer tastes best when you know exactly where it was brewed; this is precisely why we want to tell you five fantastic local breweries so that your Peak District pub experience can be made all that better!


1- Brampton Brewery


Shop 1


Brampton brewery is based in Chesterfield and has a fantastic range of beer, both light and fizzy to brooding dark and smooth. Some of the classics are Brampton Best, Brampton Mild, Brampton Stout and the delicious Impy Dark.

If you were to go along Chesterfield’s Chatsworth Road, there are numerous pubs along the stretch which serve Brampton beers- a road which used to be known as the ‘Brampton Mile’ and is a selection of just under a dozen pubs, all of which serve real ale.

This pub crawl also walks straight past Brampton Brewery itself!


9 Bottles





Thornbridge beers started back in 2005, in a 10 barrel brewery in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. The range of cask beers used traditional recipes but with an added modern twist; in order to do this they use a wide range of hops and malts to get their unique taste. After winning tonnes of awards (over 350 national and international awards) they then opened a new, state of the art, brewery and bottling line in  Bakewell.

Their Jaipur (pictured below) is a crisp beer that’s well worth a try!





In terms of breweries, Robinsons is one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the UK. They put all of their brewing knowledge together to create the unmistakable taste of Robinsons beer.

Pictured below is the Robinson’s visitor centre:


 Just a few of their beers include: Old Tom (which also comes in tempting ginger and chocolate editions), Unicorn, Troop and a 9 Hop IPA. Click here for more info.


4-Peak Ales


Originally just a dream, the Peak Ales team have made their wildest brewing wishes come true. Based in a Cunnery Barn, on the Baslow to Chatsworth road, this brewery started small and worked it way up!




Their brew’s include the Swift Nick, Chatsworth Gold, Summer Sovereign and (the stronger) Noggin Filler.

Find where you can try these beers, here.


5- The Dancing Duck


Based in Derby, this great local Derbyshire Brewery create some beautiful beers!

A few that the Dancing Duck brewery offer are: Ay Up, Dark Drake (which is as dark and smooth as it sounds), Nice Weather, Gold, Waddle It Be and Indian Porter- just to name a few (click here for the full range)!


dancing duck

dancing duck wide brewery



We hope you have enjoyed this brewery inspired blog. Let us know what you think of our local brews by getting in touch via Twitter or Facebook.





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