Make Memories You’ll Treasure Forever With a Christmas Day Walk in the Peak District

A Christmas Day Walk…


After eating a heaped plate of Christmas dinner with all imaginable trimmings, wouldn’t it be nice to end the most jolly day of the year with a nice (and not too strenuous) fresh walk around one of the Peak District & Derbyshire’s beautiful reservoirs? This would really make for a great Christmas Day tradition! We’ve a few to tempt you with:


The Upper Derwent Valley in Derbyshire was opened in 1916 and is comprised of three stunning reservoirs: Howden, Derwent and Ladybower Reservoirs- and the options don’t end with those three gems!


R10807 mward derwent

Howden Dam on a fresh Winter’s Day


With it’s plush trees and calming water Howden makes for a very peaceful walk; perfect for that period of post-Christmas chaos.

The Howden Reservoir was the first of the Derwent Reservoirs to be started in 1901. The interesting thing about this reservoir is that the western half of the lies in Derbyshire, but carry on towards the eastern half and suddenly you’re in Sheffield, South Yorkshire!

Crossing the boundaries of two counties combined with the wonderful sight of the Howden Dam are more than enough to top up your excitement levels, after unwrapping those present.





The half of the land around the reservoir is woodland. This is made up of gorgeous trees such as: larch, pine, sycamore, beech and oak. This woodland gives the scenery wonderful natural beauty. If you wanted to venture a bit further than this woodlands, the surrounding moorlands and gritstone edges are criss-crossed by footpaths open year-round.

The Derwent Dam, as pictured above, is a wonderful sight and would make for a brilliant family outing on Christmas day!


Derwent Dam photo by Guy Badham



Photo credit to Tesni Ward Photography 

Ladybower Plug (1) Tesni Ward


This was the third reservoir to be added to the Upper Derwent Valley trio, and was built between 1935 and 1943, but it took a further two years to fill!

The villages of Derwent and Ashopton had to be flooded to create this reservoir and the inhabitants were relocated to Yorkshire Bridge estate, just downstream of Ladybower Dam.

Click here for a map of how to get here.



Linacre Dam

Linacre Dam


Linacre reservoir is a peaceful gem nestled in the busy market town of Chesterfield. There are several trails around the Reservoirs here, so you can see where the path takes you- they’re all gorgeous!

There are three reservoirs here, and the paths are well edged so your able to choose any length of walk you like. Looking over the reservoir you can enjoy a gorgeous selection of trees, such as: pine, oak trees, beech, alder and larch.

The reflection of the trees on to the calm reservoir water makes this a perfectly peaceful place for your Christmas Day stroll.

Click here for a map to show exactly where this is.






Phosgraphe photography


Ogston Reservoir is very tranquil place to go for your Christmas Day walk; other than the Reservoir there’s a variety of other habitats including farmland and woodland. It has gained a reputation as one of the best inland sites in the country to watch gull’s at roost during the winter months! There is a public hide overlooking the Reservoir in the West Bank Car Park, so you can spy on the birds and see what they do for Christmas.

Click here for a map of the area.


These routes are also perfect for cycle rides.



This selection of walks is sure to leave you and your family with Christmas day memories that everyone will tresure, why not make this a new festive tradition!




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