Christmas Presents Made in Derbyshire that Won’t Break the Bank…


Derbyshire isn’t short of impressive local products, so if you know someone that likes their presents to be unique, we think these would make for perfect gifts- in stockings of all shapes and sizes!

So, here’re a handful of local Christmas gift ideas that we love:

Unique Ceramics by Clare Gage

Clare Gage is a Derbyshire-based ceramicist, who has had a life-long love affair with both textiles and ceramics. These have come together to create a collection that would be impossible not to treasure- a perfect and personal locally made Christmas gift!

You can grab a Clare Gage Button Cup or Cup & Saucer for just £26! Last Date to order is 20th.


Wine Made in Belper!

The chances are that you know someone who loves wine, and so you’ve always got the fall-back present of a nice bottle. BUT, have you ever thought of getting them a bottle of English Wine? Believe it or not, there is a vineyard here in Derbyshire. Belper, in fact!

This wine is £15 per bottle.

Enlgish Wine

Local (and personalised) Beer!

Peak Ales are a Bakewell-based brewery, that can make you your very own personalised bottle of their beer. This would be the perfect opportunity to immortalise all of those in-jokes that will make you laugh until you cry!

Here’s an example of what your label could look like:

Peak ales christmas

The price for this fun gift is £39 for a case of 12 personalised bottled beers.

Stylish Handmade Jewellery 


Helena Rudkin Jewellery is a wonderful example of high-quality and locally made jewellery. Every piece is handmade in Helena’s Derbyshire Dales workshop, so every piece is unique!

If you know someone who likes beautiful things that are a bit different from what you’d usually find on the high street, Helena Rudkin’s jewellery is a great place to look this Christmas.

Helena Rudkin has pendants that start from just £40- a bargain!

The Candlemakers of Derbyshire

A Wick & A Prayer are the candle-makers of Derbyshire! They have a fab collection of Christmas candles, which would make any lover of cosiness very happy.

christmas star candle set in red On a Wick web ready-300x300

Here’s the link for the above star pillar candles– costing £8.95

Locally made Knitware

Detta is a great place to buy beautifully hand crafted knit and home-ware. The blankets and cushions are locally handmade by Berni Raeside on a vintage manual hand-flat knitting machine- and everything’s 100% wool.

The quality of these items is sure to impress under the Christmas tree- and these knitted cushions are only £35. There are also a collection of scarves available for the same price!

Detta knitwear Derbyshire Christmas visit peak district

Something Special From Denby

Denby is undoubtedly a Derbyshire classic. Just one of the many gorgeous collections from Denby is the ‘Halo’ collection; reminiscent of Derbyshire’s unique stone Blue John, it would make a wonderful gift for a loved-one this Christmas… and this mug set is 25% off too- now just £15!


Thanks for taking a look at our list of Peak District & Derbyshire locally made Christmas gift ideas, we hope you love our local products as much as we do!


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