Recommended Walk of the Month: November

The White and Dark Peak District Walk


With the proximity of cities like Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham it is no wonder that the Peak District national park is one of the most visited national parks in the world.

Other areas may have higher mountains but what the Peak District park has an abundance of accessible rolling hills and moorland that welcomes everyone.

This month we will focus on a walk along Mam Tor to Lose Hill.

This broad and well trodden path separates two areas: the vale of Edale and Kinder Scout (the dark peak) to the north and Castleton (the White Peak) to the south.


The path provides a rough and useful demarcation line between two different types of rock found in the Peak District. To the north of Mam Tor gritstone rock is evident, to the south limestone rock is dominant. Local rock climbers are blessed here!

Let’s start this walk at the National Trust car park which is 600 meters from the summit of Mam Tor. Plenty of parking spaces make this an ideal starting point.


The well signed posted gentle uphill to the top of Mam Tor is easily doable and the Panoramic views make it worth every step!




From Mam Tor (which is 517 meters in height) stay on the clear path heading north east to Hollins Cross. Hollins Cross is a clear point in an noticeable dip on the broad ridge. You will see people resting there and it’s another key vantage point to look either north to Kinder Scout and Edale or south to Castleton and Hope.




Once you’ve soaked up enough of the view you can keep on the clear path heading in a north easterly direction up the incline of Back Tor and across the gentler terrain to the summit of Lose Hill.

You’ll be greeted with a stunning views here, from all directions. Occasionally you’ll be able to hear and see the Manchester to Sheffield train line in the distance.




To finish, head back along the ridge the way that you came, deciding between the clear path to take for Edale and some great food and pubs in a authentic countryside setting or Castleton with more accommodation or simply back over Mam Tor to the car park.


For a list of lovely nearby places to stay, click here.



There we have it- our recommended walk for the month! Let us know if you follow in our footsteps via our Facebook or Twitter accounts.




This blog was written with the expertise of Matt Dawson, of Trekking Skills. He organises Peak District walks, runs and hikes.

Email  to book your guide and add that extra dimension to your outdoors experience.



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