Ten Ways The Peak District Does Country Living Perfectly

There’s a certain sense of romance and warmth that comes with the idea of rustic English country life; whether that be a giant Sunday roast in a cosy cottage, a cup of tea after a frosty walk or even squidgy wellies after being caught in a mid-July storm. The Peak District is full to the brim with things that give you that countryside experience, and we wanted to list some of our favourites!

1- Moody Moors & Dry Stonewalls

These two go together like walking boots and thick socks; and what could illustrate country life better?! When you look over a brooding Moor, and see the higgledy-piggledy dry stone walls lacing the scenery you can’t help but feel like you’re properly in the heart of it all.

Impressively, Chelmorton boasts some of the oldest dry stonewalls in England, which are 5,440 miles (8756 km) long.

A fantastic example of dry stonewalls can be seen at Wildboarclough, as pictured below.


Photography by SLP Photography

2- Traditional Afternoon Tea!

It’s no secret that tea is a very big deal in this part of the world. To the extent that sometimes it seems more like a vital necessity as opposed merely a warm drink. One way that we express our undying love for tea, and the tradition of Afternoon Tea, are Tea Rooms.

A lovely, little, cosy, sweet-smelling Tea Room- is there anything better? And here in the Peak District we have many charming places to indulge in tea, cake and scones.

Just to name a few:

Cafe at Hassop Station
Penny Pot in Edale
Tudor House Tea Room in Cheadle, Stafforshire

3- Cottage Chic

After a long walk through the Peaks what could be more glorious than coming back to a warm and cosy country cottage? These are a great aspect of the English countryside, and we’ve so many!

The Peaks is home to many idyllic cottages, but here are a handful:

Candlelight Cottage
Pyegreave Cottage
Bolehill Farm (pictured below)
Croft Farm Cottages

4-Slightly Odd Village Traditions…

The one tradition that is exclusive to the people of the Peaks is Well Dressing. This is where a village, such as Tissington in Derbyshire where it is said to have originated from in 1349, decorates their well with flower petals. Some of the designs that can be seen around the Peak District are very intricate.

One theory behind the start of dressing Derbyshire wells is that people started to give thanks to the wells which provided the villagers with clean water during the times of the plague.

You can walk around the little villages and see their Well Dressing creations during the Summer months- click here for the dates of the 2016 show next Summer!


5- The Stately Homes

Chatsworth, Lyme Park, Hardwick Estate, Tatton Park and Calke Abbey. We do hate to name drop but there are so many! These brilliant buildings illustrate the decadent, ornate as well as the historical side of living in the English countryside… why not come and visit and lose yourself in these grand homes!

… and aren’t they stunning?!


Chatsworth House

6- There’s Some Lovely Castles, Too…

The countryside is full of history, and this history is most evident when visiting one of our castles!

What could be better than feeling like a Monarch perusing your grand country estate? You can do exactly that at the brilliant Bolsover Castle and Peveril Castle!

Bolsover Castle Cavaliers. Experience Seekers PICTURE BY JIM HOLDEN 07590 683036 model release No 1

Bolsover Castle
Photo by  Jim Holden

7-Pubs, Pubs Pubs!

The country public houses of Great Britain- a cornerstone of our culture! And here in the Peaks we have some corkers…

But to name a few:
Pack Horse Inn
Yorkshire Bridge Inn
The Chesire Cheese Inn

8- …. and With the Pub Comes PUB GRUB.

Our traditional country pubs will fill your bellies with warm pub food- the perfect thing after a long walk in the Peak District countryside!

One pub 5 miles outside of Buxton, the Duke of York, is a restaurant, pub and campsite all in one! How that’s for ticking all boxes!

9- English Country Weather!

Ah, the English weather; it can quickly turn from a warm friend to your very cold (and damp) enemy. Nevertheless, it’s got it’s own unique charm and everyone secretly loves it (don’t they?).

There are places within the Peaks where the weather makes a big difference, for example the trek up and on the top of Kinder Scout.

BUT, don’t fret- here is a link to a live web stream of the weather on the top of Kinder Scout

10. Finally, being able to ramble through the beautiful English Countryside!

Salt Cellar

Thank you to very talented Matt Oliver for letting us use this image of the Peak District.


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