Top 10 walks in the Peak District and Derbyshire

Throughout the summer we will introduce you to ten top walks in and around the Peak District & Derbyshire as recommended by Cath Lee of Peak Walking Adventures

Cath Lee, Peak Walking Adventures

Cath Lee, Peak Walking Adventures

Cath Lee operates Peak Walking Adventures, providing guided walks over the stunning hills and moorlands of the Peak District. Upon establishing the business six years ago, her idea was simple. It was to share her love of the Peak District with others and to help them discover the joys of walking in this most beautiful part of England. Cath said ‘during our guided walks, we like nothing better than to share our local knowledge of the history, folklore, wildlife and the geology of the area.  Our customers tell us that this helps to bring the countryside to life.’

Cath can often be found up in the Peak District hills guiding clients either on a private basis or on occasional ‘open group’ walks. However she equally enjoys a gentle stroll along pretty countryside paths, particularly some her favourite childhood haunts such as the Cromford Canal.

The walks in this series vary in length and difficulty, and across different terrain from gentle strolls on historic estates, accessible scenic routes around lakes and reservoirs to challenging ascents over the high moorlands of the Dark Peak, and it’s here where Cath begins:

Kinder Scout (Hard)

“The highest mountain in the Peak District, Kinder Scout is a high moorland plateau with steep sides and fascinating gritstone rock formations around the top edges. It can be a wild and inhospitable environment and to me, that is what makes it a place of great beauty that I always feel drawn towards. There are numerous scenic routes up the mountain and many different paths you can take when you reach the top of the plateau. My favourite spot on the mountain is Kinder Downfall where the River Kinder cascades over rocks forming the Peak District’s tallest waterfall. Perhaps what Kinder Scout is best known for is being the site of the beginning of the ‘right to roam’ movement with the famous mass trespass of April 1932.

A walk onto Kinder Scout is a challenging trek and should only be undertaken if you are competent at navigating with a map and compass and you have good walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing.”

Walks up on to Kinder Scout can be started from a number of places, but a couple of great options with excellent accommodation and places to stock up on supplies, or to grab a hot meal and drink, are the villages of Edale and Hayfield.

Walkers descending from Kinder Scout towards Edale

Walkers descending from Kinder Scout towards Edale

For further information about the guided walks provided by Cath Lee and Peak Walking Adventures visit or call on 07870 778585.

If this has inspired you to strap the walking boots on and head out for a walk then take a look at lot’s more walks available to download on our website.


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