L'Eroica Team - credit 93ft

L’Eroica, the famous historic Tuscan bike tour known as ‘the most handsome bike race in the World’ is coming to the UK. L’Eroica Britannia has been named to make iconic British history in the Peak District National Park in June 2014.

L’Eroica Britannia happens three weeks before the Grand Départ of The Tour de France 2014 comes to Yorkshire and the Peak District.

Hosted over three days L’Eroica Britannia has been confirmed as a three day festival whose pinnacle is celebrated with a three route bike tour of The Peak District National Park on the 22nd June 2014. The festival and the ride, known as ‘The Great British Adventure’ mirror the original Italian ethos which celebrates and values sustainability, territory, environment, heritage, wellbeing and the joys of local food and drink.

L’Eroica Britannia has the full support and backing of Peak District National Authority who are championing L’Eroica Britannia, making the ride and festival the star in their 2014 ‘Festival of Cycling’.

Jim Dixon, CEO for Peak District National Authority comments – ‘The Peak District has aspirations to build on its already enviable reputation as one of the best places to cycle for leisure in the UK and put us on the World map. We can be one of the best cycling destinations and the most accessible national park by bike in the World.

The 3 day event has brought the World’s focus to the area and is welcomed by official tourist board Visit Peak District & Derbyshire. Benefits are expected to be wide reaching to the regional economy, ticking many aspects of the tourism agenda as well as supporting local businesses.

David James, Chief Executive. Visit Peak District & Derbyshire comments L’Eroica Britannia is ‘a unique platform to highlight the jewels of the communities en route – whether they be food and drink, historic places or cultural activities.’ 

Known as The Great British Adventure, the ride aspect of L’Eroica Britannia embraces the romantic idea of heroic cycling as it once was, adventuring along trails and tracks similar to the historic Tuscan ‘Strade Bianchi’. 

Adventurers may choose either a 30 mile, 50 mile or 100 mile route to be ridden on the 22nd June on bikes which comply to L’Eroica rules. Pre 1987 bikes and certain stipulations for apparel must be observed creating a fascinating and vibrant spectacle touring through the Peak District.

The ride will be supported by a festival designed to reflect the vibrancy and excitement of The Great British Adventure and will feature innovative and dynamic brands presenting a dynamic and interactive family friendly 3 day event.

Tim Hubbard from L’Eroica Britannia comments ‘we are delighted to present L’Eroica Britannia in the UK. The location of the event was incredibly important to us, one which values and celebrates the joy of the bike and the symbiotic relationship riders enjoy with the British countryside. We feel the Peak District National Park shares our values of championing sustainability and preserving environment as well as celebrating our heritage. We are immensely proud to be bringing this historic event to the UK to create The Great British Adventure and history in the making’. 


Please contact  07812123972 for images and further information

The image accompanying this release is of L’Eroica Britannia Team with Claudio Marinangeli of L’Eroica Italy on a visit to The Peak District National Park. Photographed on the Monsal Trail. 

Image credits. James Brown 93ft 


DATE: L’Eroica Britannia will run on the 20-22nd June 2014

LOCATION: Bakewell, The Peak District National Park

IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Brooks of England, Thornbridge Brewery, The Peak District National Authority, Visit Peak District & Derbyshire







L’Eroica Britannia seeks innovative outlooks for raising awareness for the exploration of the UK in 2014, the focus is on The Peak District with sustainability, environment, heritage, preservation, exploration, adventuring and celebration of The Great British Countryside.

The 2014 ride which is a grand tour of the wonders of the Peak District opens the eyes and ears to the significance of the area in terms of natural beauty and architectural heritage combined with the aspects of the importance of well-being, lifestyle and accessibility to the great British Countryside.


‘The most handsome bike race in the World’

L’Eroica literally translates as ‘the Heroes’

Valuing style and engages with aesthetics and elegant craftsmanship. The experience harks back to the glory days of Coppi, Merckx and Simpson and brings back cycling’s romance.


Taking over Gaiole, Tuscany Italy

The cycling event which started in 1997 with 92 thrill-seekers and was born from the love of cycling, the history and literature of Italy to raise awareness of the traditional white roads. The ‘Strade Bianchi’. From these romantically modern notions has developed three dedicated days to the territory and the passion of the region with a focus on the environment and sustainability as well as the spectacle of this unique bike tour on ancient, ‘bone shaking’ roads using obsolete bikes (pre 1987 only) dressed in traditional and vintage clothing.

L’Eroica Italy Today

In 2013 5,500 riders will start the ride. L’Eroica stands out as a champion of environmental heritage, sustainable lifestyle and clean cycling which, looking to the past, points the way for the future: the numbers now participating are testimony to the success due to the passion of the organisers and founders.

L’Eroica has also developed into a Foundation, the purpose of which is to safeguard the heritage of the white gravel roads of Tuscany.


  1. L’Eroica Italy is the second most widely covered cycling event in the media after The Tour De France
  2. Only cyclists with “heroic” bicycles will be permitted to participate.
  3. “Heroic” bicycles are road racing bikes, built before 1987
  4. L’Eroica Britannia are the only approved licensee in the UK to use the L’Eroica name
  5. There are 5,500 registered riders for L’Eroica Italy 2013 and 120 International press in attendance
  6. L’Eroica Britannia will be the headline event for the Peak District National Park ‘Festival of Cycling’ 2014


Choose from 3 routes all with jaw dropping British scenery resplendent in the English Summertime.

Adventure through – The Monsal Trail. All routes go along and through this incredible marvel of Victorian engineering, our own ‘Strade Bianchi’ – excitingly incorporating a series of outstanding viaducts and tunnels. Enjoy exclusive access into the World famous Cromford Mills Heritage Site, the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in the world also the first to successfully implement the combination of power, machinery and human endeavour which became the basis of modern industrial production. Exclusive: We have gained special permission from the Duke of Devonshire to ride through many of the private routes of the Chatsworth Estate, offering an exclusively private aspect of one of the most famous estates in the UK. Be first to the food stop: each village is a mini gastronomic festival in its own right overflowing with local delights and beer!

All three rides open the eyes and ears of our adventurers to the beauty of the Peak District.

SUPPORT FOR L’Eroica Britannia 

Jim Dixon, CEO. Peak District National Authority

‘I really welcome L’Eroica Britannia as it celebrates the very best of human sporting excellence (the heroes) in the context of great landscapes, food, heritage and the environment. The Peak District has aspirations to build on its already enviable reputation as one of the best places to cycle for leisure in the UK and put us on the World map. We can be one of the best cycling destinations and the most accessible national park by bike in the World. Our fantastic network of traffic-free trails, connections with great cycling cities like Manchester and Derby, some of the best elite road cycling and excellent tourism offer make the Peak District the ideal cycling destination’

David James, Chief Executive. Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

‘The opportunities the L’Eroica Britannia event will bring to the Peak District area are widespread, not only showcasing the well known but also the lesser well known attractions. It will be a unique platform to highlight the jewels of the communities en route – whether they be food and drink, historic places or cultural activities.’

Simon Webster, Thornbridge Director and Co-Founder

L’Eroica Britannia – ‘reflects so much of what we see ourselves to be at Thornbridge – passionate about what we do, excited about breaking new ground whilst paying respect to our heritage’. ‘Being based in the Peak District inspires us every day and we know that those that visit the area for L’Eroica will be blown away by the outstanding beauty of the area.’

TEAM L’Eroica Britannia 

L’Eroica Britannia is brought to you by 4 dynamic business brains, brave pioneers in their fields of expertise – design, technology, travel,hospitality. Cycle-navigators of the globe and relishers of the challenge. No stranger to agony and hardship and also the extreme highs and happiness on the bike – these guys don’t take the easy route – but sure do enjoy the rewards! United by cycling and all that it brings and bonded with a passion and collective gumption strong enough to form a team of just shy of 200 Yorkshire men and women with steely nerves and determination who ride collectively under one name. La Squadra.

Tim Hubbard – Creative Direction 

2 Italian L’Eroica’s down making it 3 in October 2013

In charge of L’Eroica Britannia creativity and strategy, Tim is very familiar with the Italian L’Eroica – its ethos, soul and style. Tim is tasked with translating this established event into a new event for the UK with a suitably British heart, style and feel. As well as aesthetics and soul – Tim also has a keen eye on providing Sponsors and Partners of the event with an inciting springboard to showcase their brand inline with L’Eroica Britannia to get maximum value and worth from the association.

MD of 93ft

Tim is head of 93ft. A Design Embassy for Independent Brands. They specialise delivering solutions for brand and creative content, web design and development, product innovation and interior architecture, including sourcing and specification. They work nationally and internationally.

Gian Bohan – Hospitality and Event Delivery 

2 Italian L’Eroica‘s down making it 3 in October 2013

Half Italian, half Irish. Fluent in language, travel and the ‘go-to’ man for global recommendations making Gian superiorly placed to bring L’Eroica Britannia to the UK. Involved in the finer details for negotiations for the UK licence as well as the masterplan for the L’Eroica ride and the festival.

Owner of the Nonnas Estate 

Gian owns and operates the multi-award winning ‘Nonnas’ Estate. Which includes a portfolio of successful lifestyle and luxe inspired bars and restaurants ‘Nonnas’ and the ‘Street Food Cycle Caffè’ – born of cycling passion and hertitage – as well as being La Squadra’s Clubhouse. The estate also includes ‘Casa di Nonnas’ – an historic Tuscan pile in the village of Pescia in-between Florence and Pisa. Driven by the love of food and drink, Gian accessories his need for consumption excellence with the mighty ‘Mercato’ dedicated to Italian streetfood and true love of food!

Nick Cotton – Logistics and Event Delivery 

Riding the Italian L’Eroica for the first time in 2013

A strategist and numbers man – Nick is charged with making L’Eroica both beautiful and inspiring as well as commercial and profitable. Driven with an intense knowledge and experience of the sport of cycling Nick is also route master for La Squadra’s Hot 100 and knows the Peak District like…Well – the back of his hand positioning him perfectly for co-ordination of logistics and an exquisite event delivery.

MD of Digital Exchange 

Digital Exchange Ltd is a leading UK provider of technology-based solutions working with global brands including Microsoft, Samsung, HP, VMware, Mitel and Swyx.

Marco Mori – Italian connection and Route Master 

2 Italian L’Eroica’s down making it 3 in October 2013

Italian through and through – and instrumental in making L’Eroica Britannia happen. Marco is a travel specialist – dedicating 25 years to working in the industry. He is THE man to go to for travel arrangements to L’Eroica Italy – accommodation, ride places – he is a key partner to L’Eroica Italy and is responsible for the successful participation in the event for riders from all over the World. Dedicated Route Master for L’Eroica Britannia – Marco will ensure the routes, the spectacle and the passion from Italy translates perfectly on British soil.

MD of Gusto Cycling 

Bringing a global audience to the beauty of cycling in Italy. Marco’s passion for his home lands is the driving force behind his close knit family business which keeps the authenticity of Italy alive. Prior to establishing Gusto Marco spent 12 years in senior roles for the Walt Disney company and brings from that a fully rounded and loudly applauded dedication to the industry.



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