Screaming Maldini meet Felix Baumgartner on the way up… #PEAKDISTRICT

Just like heroic skydiver Felix Baumgartner, Sheffield pop band Screaming Maldini are looking down on the clouds in their video for brilliant new single ‘Summer Somewhere’ which is released this week on Alcopop/HipHipHip.

Rather than being 24 miles above the earth, they only had to travel 15 miles from Sheffield, and 1000 feet above sea level: their location was the beautiful Peak District National Park.

The video shows off the beauty of the Peak District, on the last sunny Sunday of the year, with a deliciously eerie twist; a wholly arresting and appropriately wide-screened visual for the stirring track. The natural scenery is impossibly amazing, and creates a charged setting. You’ll watch it again and again, to ponder the meaning of the ‘switch’, and to get a closer look at Gina’s nifty chronograph earrings, and to feel that hook hit you again and again.

The track has been picked up by 6Music, XFM, been remixed by Matt Berry (IT Crowd) and is creating one hell of a buzz.

As autumn well and truly hits and the dark evenings draw in, succumb to the sublime sound of Screaming Maldini, and remember: “It’s Always Summer Somewhere…”


Remix by Matt Berry (IT Crowd, Mighty Boosh)

Watch the acapella flashmob version where we were joined by 30 amazing singers

Twitter @screamingmaldin

Management: Damian Morgan

Press: Steve Kelly



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