Michéla Griffith

An evolving study of the River Dove and side-stream on the Staffordshire / Derbyshire border

With the mixed (to put it mildly) weather this summer I have found a new outlet for my photography by looking closely….. and then looking again.  Within the microcosm of a small stream I have been able create a series of increasingly abstract images that take me back to my early interest in art.

The possibilities have, and continue to, fascinate me and I am looking forward to revisiting this theme over time.  I received some good feedback from fellow photographers when the images featured in On Landscape  and while you’ll need to be a subscriber to read the feature, you can see more of how the images have developed at flickr.  If you’d like to add to the debate please feel free to do either here or via the Longnor Landscapes Photography facebook page.

It’s been good to concentrate on a particular project to the exclusion of other things (hence the absence of additions recently to my VPD album).  And of course photography, however all-consuming,  has to be balanced with other commitments.  For someone who has had a tendency towards the literal interpretation of landscapes large and small they are a marked change in direction.  Several images remind me more of paintings than of photographs and these are the images that I am most drawn to.  I am looking forward to finding the time to print a few, particularly on textured paper, as I think they have the potential to make very attractive cards and prints.   Look out for these on my website and at the Longnor Christmas Market which will be held this year on Saturday 1 December 2012.

Michéla Griffith




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