The Destination Photography Partners are a group of professional and amateur photographers who are particularly passionate about the Peak District’s wonderful and diverse landscapes. The Destination Photography Partners provide the iconic Peak District photography to help in promoting this beautiful and accessible part of England. We co-produced a short documentary film about some of the Destination Photography Partners, which covers their work, their inspiration and helpful tips for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Below we have listed  the featured photographers in order of appearance, however you can discover more about them and another 14 other Destination Photography Partners by visiting the Visit Peak District website.

whinstone lee Tor peak district

Andy Hemingway: “For me, landscape photography is much more than just capturing a view. I often research the history, folklore and geology of the areas that I shoot and try to convey something of the spirit or essence of the place. Returning time and time again to capture subjects in different light, weather conditions and seasons, every visit produces something different.”

hope valley sunrise, peak district

Chris Charlesworth: “My love for the great outdoors began when I bought my first car and started visiting all the places that I’d seen in photography books and magazines over the years. It’s the ever changing light on the landscape and the drive to capture that essence that keeps me coming back, time and again to a location, in an attempt to capture that perfect moment when all the elements come together to create an image that hopefully will create an emotional response from the viewer in thinking ‘I’d like to go there and see that!”


James Grant: “Living within a stones throw of the Peak District means I am very lucky and am able to get out often to record images of an area special to me and I’m sure many other people. Having only owning a camera for three years I feel very privileged to get where I am today and hope I inspire people to take in our great surroundings on our doorsteps rather than taking them for granted. There is no better stress relief for me than sitting on the top of a hill, watching the sun rise or set as the landscape transforms under the magical light and ever changing weather we’ve become accustomed to.”

Stephen Elliott: “Living in the Hope Valley all my life surrounded with some of the most stunning scenery it is no surprise that my main passion is with landscape photography. There is nothing I enjoy more than being up on the hills and moors with my camera waiting for the first light of day or watching the late afternoon light flood over the landscape throwing long shadows bringing out the colour and texture of gritstone and grasses, waiting to capture that perfect moment that shows off the Peak District in all its glory.”

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