So another week of rain it would seem. It just doesn’t seem to end. I know it’s driving people up the wall and in terms of photography the social networks have certainly been quiet these last couple of months.

However, I seem to be doing alright. I keep edging my bets and going out last minute. Last week after a day of heavy rain I ended up with Winnats with a cracking sunset and this Saturday I decided to head out to Nine Stones Close, near Robin Hoods Stride and Elton.

Nine Stones Close is neolithic stone circle. Located in a field just off the limestone way it has a commanding view to Robin Hoods Stride. There used to be 9 standing stones at one point, hence the name but now there are only 4.

Nine Stones Close and Tree

The day hadn’t been too bad, some large black passing clouds in the day and I was already in Matlock. I actually had to go home, over to Mansfield and on the way back due to how late it was I nearly didn’t go, I then had a dilemma of where to go and it got looking a lot less promising as the day went on.

However, determined I dragged myself out and on arrival there was a bit of nice light about. I walked across the fields to find it had actually got quite overgrown near the stone circle, certainly after looking at others photos after the shoot this hasn’t always been the case. Soon after setting up the light had vanished and I stood playing the waiting game.

Fortunately when it comes to photography I have the patience of a saint (for anything else I have no patience!) – at first the clouds looking East looked very daunting and foreboding, soon I knew there would be rain on the way as a little bit of sun lit up a rainbow in the distance. I got a couple of shots of this but it wasn’t anything spectacular.

Nine Stones Close and Robin Hoods Stride

I started to get fed up, with it looking dark and grey so I decided to put on my ten stop filter with the intention of getting a 10 minute exposure adding drama and movement to the clouds and converting the image to black and white. As is always the case though, a minute into shooting the exposure the clouds shifted and the sun broke through. At first there was some great light on the circle and I decided to take a number of exposures. I was pretty pleased with this one with the light playing across the landscape, lighting up the Stone Circle, the well placed tree and Robin Hoods Stride in the distance.

What happened next though was again what makes this terrible weather we’ve been having amazing at times. The sun sunk lower and the big storm cloud lit up a vivid and bright pink/red. I decided to close my composition in to emphasise this colour and cut of any of the remaining grey cloud and patches of blue sky, plus it allowed you to see Robin Hoods Stride a little better. It looks unreal I know, but trust me I was just very lucky again.

So again, I’ve hit the jackpot and like I mentioned in my last post, go out even if it does look unpromising, you never know and more often than not the results end up being far more outstanding than a “reliable sunset”


James Grant

James Grant Photography

Mobile: 07535688969


2 thoughts on “LADY LUCK ON MY SIDE?

  1. The photos you take are wonderful many congratulations for your time and patience,which give us the honour of viewing them especially last weeks when you took the pic of “fire over winnats” the clouds totally spectacular.

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