We hope that the Peak District Attract Brand Tool Kit will be available from mid-July.

The Tool Kit is a collection of resources: pictures, links, words, sounds, videos, logos, photos, and information about different aspects of the Peak District that members and other businesses that operate in the Peak District can use to enhance their own appeal and attract greater interest.

For example: If you are a self-catering cottage and you have a website, you will probably have a page  that says “ABOUT THE AREA” or “NEARBY”. The kit has material that you can use on these pages that will help your SEO in Google when someone searches Peak District or Derbyshire. It contains logos and photos that you can use in brochures, and there’s a marque that you can use to show that you are part of the Peak District brand.

One of the main purposes of the toolkit is to provide NON-tourism businesses with material they can use to help promote the area and show their association with it. Business Peak District members will have access to the kit, and a number of key businesses in the area have already pledged to add the marque to their products – effectively exposing the Peak District to a massive audience across the country.

Access to the Toolkit is by password only. Members will be mailed a password when the material goes live.

If you would like to join today please phone the Membership Sales Desk on 01246 212924 or download the membership booking form HERE to complete and return with payment.



David Thornton
Head of Marketing & Deputy CEO

Mobile: 07515 747 658
Telephone: 01246 212924

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire, , Commerce Centre, Canal Wharf, Chesterfield S41 7NA


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